Malham Smithy Artist Blacksmith in the Yorkshire Dales
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Blacksmith Beginners Course
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submitted on April 28, 2018 5:43 PM GMT
Name: Mel Hardy
Comments: An excellent, informative and thoroughly enjoyable day. Bit miffed to find that Anabel could out hammer me.
Course date: 24 April 2018
Was this a gift?: Yes
What did you forge?: Hanging bracket, S hook and a pair of blacksmiths tongs.
Did you stay/eat in Malham: Yes to both, stayed at River House, ate at one of the pubs and the Old Barn Cafe, all excellent, especially River House.

submitted on April 11, 2017 1:28 PM GMT
Name: Steve & Fiona
Comments: We had a fantastic day with Annabelle at Malham Smithy. Annabelle is incredibly talented and was able to pass on sufficient knowledge and skill during the day that we both came away with two pieces that we can be proud of. Having never done any blacksmithing before our expectations were far exceeded in terms of our individual work. If you are thinking of having a go then take the plunge, we both had a very enjoyable day and a fantastic experience and will be returning to have another go!
Course date: 10 April 2017
Was this a gift?: No
What did you forge?: A coat hook and a poker
Did you stay/eat in Malham: We ate at the cafe at lunchtime.

submitted on December 7, 2016 3:06 PM GMT
Name: Nick
Comments: I loved this. I have no gift for art whatsoever but that didn't put Annabelle off. She calmly explained what things I could damage (mainly myself) and what things I shouldn't touch ("if you drop the piece you're working on, fight the instinct to grab it, it will hurt") and spent the next few hours showing me how to make a curly hook and a bottle-opener with a slightly wrong looking ram's head on top - the wrongness was all my doing as Annabelle's looked great. She makes a great brew and advised that The Buck is welcoming of people in their work clothes, as well as being about twelve paces across the road and serving Theakstones. Everyone I've told that I was doing/did this course has been/is jealous. Also quite amusing to watch the punters come in look at me (I'm quite a big bloke) and then twig that the slim blonde next to me is actually the one who knows what she's doing at the anvil and I'm the interloper. Great fun and hugely instructive.
Course date: July 2015
Was this a gift?:
What did you forge?:
Did you stay/eat in Malham: